Small Animal Care

photocenterRegular Pet Visits work well for day trips, weekend getaways, business travel, or vacations. Each visit to your pet(s) lasts approximately 30 minutes with the number or visits per day determined by you and your pet’s needs. During this time, your pet(s) will be fed, loved, and played with. Dogs will be taken outside and litter boxes scooped. Water and food dishes will be cleaned and refreshed at each visit.

Extended Pet Visits are an hour-long version of our Regular Pet Visit and is most frequently used by multiple-pet households to make sure everyone gets enough attention and allows extra time for light chores.

Overnight Stays are preferred by many clients looking for that “peace of mind” while they’re away. We’re on site from 7pm-7am giving your pet undivided attention and care with housesitting services included.

24 Hour Coverage is perfect for clients who will be away for an extended period of time. Your home becomes our sitter’s base. While we may come and go to meet other responsibilities throughout the day, we live with your pets and never leave them for long.

Comfort Visits work well and are affordable for working pet owners. Our sitters will visit Monday-Friday between 11am and 2pm to “let the dogs out” for a potty break while you’re away at work, allowing you a few hours after work to run errands or meet with friends. Know you’ll be late getting home from work? We can stop by in the evening to attend to evening chores.

Dog Walking Service gets your dog out for some weekday exercise. Your dog is treated to a 20-30 minute walk as many times per week as you would like.

Pet Taxi Service is a time saver for working pet owners. We’ll transport your pet to grooming and veterinary appointments (and anywhere else a pet needs to go).