Large Animal Care

photo-rightBasic Care Visits (1 hour minimum) are ideal for large animal owners that need assistance while they’re away. We specialize in horses but are able, in most cases, to handle whatever’s in the barn. We have provided care for horses, llamas, cows, sheep, reindeer, chickens, geese, goats, and potbellied pigs, you name it. Basic care visits include feeding, watering, visual check for wounds, turn-out and routine care. (Stalls cleaned if time allows. Additional time will be charged accordingly.)

Overnight Stays are preferred by many clients looking for that “peace of mind” while they’re away. We’re on site from 7pm-7am giving your large animals nightly service and caring for any house pets inside the home, with housesitting services included.

24 Hour Coverage is a good option for owners of large animals. Your home becomes our sitter’s base and we attend to your large animal around the clock, leaving only briefly to meet other responsibilities during the day.

Grooming and Basic Care (by appointment) provides a full range of services. Our experienced handlers will travel to your animal’s location for scheduled appointments. We offer basic grooming, bathing, clipping, or any combination! We also offer follow-up wound care and will meet your farrier or vet for appointments when you can’t be there. We’ll meet them at the barn so you have more time to ride and train.

Exercise (by appointment) services include hand walking (injury and wound recovery), lunging or exercising/conditioning under saddle.

Facility (by appointment) offers services that help when you’re in a bind.

Stall Cleaning: We’re good at what we do and we will get it done effectively and efficiently when you’re in a jam.

General Housekeeping: Spring cleaning! We’ll get the moldy bedding and cobwebs out of the corners and air the place out.

Deep Cleaning: Power Washing is involved! Stalls are stripped, walls and aisles disinfected, and stall walls disinfected.

Facility Management: We’ll monitor and manage everything from food supply levels and daily maintenance to full barn management.